The Assembly of Members, the most important committee, elects the Board (Vorstand), which is made up of up to 17 volunteers. The board represents a cross section of our members. Out of its members, the Board appoints a Chairperson and two Vice Chairpersons, and delegates the execution of the day-to-day business to the Secretariat of the Association.

Since May 2019, Dr. Georg Thurnes (Aon Hewitt GmbH is Chairperson of the Association.

The Vice Chairpersons are Richard Nicka (among others Vice President Benefits at BASF SE, furthermore CEO of the BASF Pensionskasse VVaG) und Dirk Jargstorff (among others Senior Vice President Corporate Pensions and Related Benefits at Robert Bosch GmbH, furthermore CEO of Bosch Pensionsfonds AG)

Since 1999, Klaus Stiefermann is Secretary General / CEO of the aba. He is a member of the Board of PensionsEurope, the association for workplace pensions on the European level.







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