EU Pension Tracking


EU Pension Tracking: occupational pension information of the future?

The final event of the Track and Trace Your Pension in Europe (TTYPE) Project took place in Brussels on 26 March 2015. The Project aims to establish an EU-wide pension tracking service (for more detail, see the slides of the event). The final report of the Project is available in English, German and French. In addition, the team published the more extensive Addendum to the final report.

The White Paper from 2012 already stipulated in its Initiative 17 the following: “The Commission will promote the development of pension tracking services allowing people to keep track of their pension entitlements acquired in different jobs.” Back then, a pilot project regarding a cross-border pension tracking system was tendered. Since June 2013 a consortium of six pension (service) providers from the Netherlands (PGGM, MN, Syntrus Achmea and APG), Finland (ETK) and Denmark (PKA) has been analysing the issue and developed a concept. The consortium is working towards a second phase with the inclusion of project team members from Belgium, Germany, France, Poland and the UK.

From the German perspective it is important that in addition to the first pillar (state pension, Deutsche Rentenversicherung) the complete second pillar, that is all occupational pensions (not only IORPs), falls in the scope of the project.





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