European legislation is of ever growing importance for German occupational pensions.

So far the focus has been on the general approach to pension policy as well as on supervisory and labour regulation:

Pension policy

Prudential regulation

Employment regulation

Further topics


Each of these areas presents the relevant Directives, proposed Directives, consultation papers and other publications from European Institutions as well as position papers from the aba and PensionsEurope.


International Cooperation

On the European level we work together with other countries under the umbrella organisation PensionsEurope. It brings together national associations from 21 EU and non-EU countries to strengthen occupational pensions across Europe. PensionsEurope is the first point of call for the European Institutions regarding all questions of occupational pensions. As a founding member, we support the work PensionsEurope carries out through its board, committees and technical working groups. We value PensionsEurope as a forum for exchange with other national associations, as a source of information for developments in Europe as well as the united voice for strengthening occupational pensions across the EU.

The aba also supports the OECD Working Group on Private Pensions. The group brings together delegations of national ministries and regulators as well as national associations and institutions of the OECD countries to discuss challenges and potential solutions for funded retirement provision.





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