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EIOPA-Vorsitzende Petra Hielkema nennt wichtige Themen ihrer Amtszeit


Am 9. September 2021 hat Petra Hielkema ihre erste öffentliche Rede als EIOPA-Vorsitzende gehalten. Auf einer Veranstaltung von Eurofi (ein Think Tank, laut Website „a European platform for exchanges of views on financial regulation) stellte sie einige Schlüsselthemen vor. Nach Covid-19 nannte sie den Klimawandel als unmittelbare Herausforderung. In Cyber-Sicherheit und Digitalisierung sieht sie zwei weitere wichtige Themen. Eine Strategie für ihre Amtszeit wird folgen.

Für die bAV relevant:

Klimawandel: „Beyond COVID, the most immediate challenge is climate change. […] Change is needed, adaptation required and here the insurance and occupational pension sectors can help. Both have considerable sums to invest for the long-term and can choose where to invest their assets. In carbon or in wind? In oil or in hydro? Serious choices that need to be taken in a well informed, forward looking and balanced way. I am happy to see the discussion gathering pace, but I also see that many of the hard calls still have to be made.”

Cyber-Sicherheit: „Also insurers and pension funds need not only to manage cyber and IT risk within the company and the value chain, but they also need to keep pace with new threats and developments. Here operational resilience testing and cooperation can help and as such EIOPA welcomes DORA and other initiatives in this field and stands ready to contribute.”

Digitalisierung: „EIOPA will continue to monitor and motivate innovation, while keeping a close eye on new risks that are emerging, as well as on how consumers are served. Considering the cross-border potential of digitalization, the role of EIOPA will be key to ensure convergence and cooperation in order to safeguard stability and protect policy holders. Indeed consumer protection focussing on good information, effectively targeted and designed products, appropriate advice, as well as inclusivity will become more important in the near future.”

Altersversorgung: „Let me say a bit more on pensions. On a continent with an ageing population, identifying pension gaps (preferably looking separately at men and women) is essential to ensure the adequacy and sustainability of pension systems. EIOPA’s work on pension dashboards and tracking services will help to raise awareness at a macro level as well as at the individual level

But that in itself will not be enough and particularly in the consumer protection area more can be done. The low yield environment has resulted in a shift from defined benefit to defined contribution schemes in Member States. This shift requires EIOPA to consider where most value can be added from a convergence perspective. As the shift to DC means that more members and beneficiaries carry the risk, we will need to pay attention to conduct risk, including ensuring transparency of costs and charges.

There is opportunity too: Cross border activity and simple pension products are underdeveloped. I am convinced that the PEPP, the Pan European Personal Pension product will add value and possibilities to consumers wanting to save for their pension. We need more of these types of products.

A priority for the coming years will be to encourage cross-border provision of occupational DC schemes thereby closing gaps. As well as a careful assessment of the implementation of the IORP II Directive on cross-border activity for the review of IORP II, so that the framework remains robust.”