The German Pensions Landscape: a guide to the German pension system

The Occupational Pensions Landscape gives an overview of occupational pensions and their role in the German system of retirement provision. It shows the current pension system as well as the historical background needed to understand how today’s system evolved. It covers the following topics:

  • Occupational pensions in the German retirement system
  • Short history of occupational pensions in Germany
  • The different vehicles (Durchführungswege)
  • Occupational pensions in numbers
  • Occupational pensions law: the benefit promise and insolvency protection
  • Advantages of occupational pensions
  • Challenges for occupational pensions




The Bundestag, the first chamber of legislation on the federal level, passed the law strengthening occupational pensions on June 1st. After approval by the Bundesrat, the second chamber, on July 7th the reform entered into force on January 1st 2018.  An English summary of the reform can be found here.

























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